Hello!  Welcome to my new blog!  This is a blog about sketchbook keeping.  I found a really great online school called on the internet.  It is a really great place to learn how to use a sketchbook.  The important thing about the sketchbook is that it is where a lot of things happen that can lead to bigger projects if you want them to.  However, the sketchbook is also a work of art in its own right.

Since I am just starting the course, Beginning, at Sketchbook Skool, I decided to start with an image of the sketchbook I have picked out for this course.  This is a small sketchbook, or drawing book from  That is a site where you can find all kinds of pouch planners, calendars, stationary, notebooks, sketchbooks, etc…  I chose something small so I could fit it into my little backpack that is small enough to be a purse, but big enough to hold a few art supplies for my course.  Or maybe I should say courses since I am also taking the course Draw Tip Tuesday.
Image (16)

Even though I did some writing in my sketchbook while I was working on discussion questions with the first few video lessons, I finally decided it was time to start adding images to the sketchbook.  I took this idea from the Draw Tip Tuesday course.  I just used crimson gouache paint to create simple shapes.  I really didn’t have anything specific in mind, I just did something simple.  Then I took my drawing pen and created some textures to some of these shapes, and because they looked like a really red vegetable of some kind, I added some little hairy things at the top and bottom of each shape.  That is my first page in my sketchbook.  I hope you like it!

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