Assignment 1: Draw Something That Has Significance to You

Scan0106Hi, guys!  I finally got my first homework assignment done for my Beginnings class.  The assignment was to draw something that has significance to me, and to consider trying to do the drawing using the new technique Danny showed us in the class video.  The new technique was to lay down a wash of watercolor, let it dry, then draw the shape of the subject with gouache on top of the water color.  Then fill in the details with a drawing pen.

I chose my little pink backpack because it is what I usually take with me when I go to the park to sketch on my own.  I haven’t been able to do that because I have been trying to get rid of a saddle pulmonary embolism all summer.  But when I do get to go, I usually take my backpack with the sketchbook, pens, watercolors, watercolor brush, etc… and I spend time walking around the park looking for somethings that are interesting to me to include in my sketchbook.  I had planned to spend sometime this I summer doing that, but I ended up in the hospital with the PE, and I was limited on how far I could walk.  Actually, I couldn’t walk very far, so I didn’t get to do any sketching this summer.

Anyway, this is my first assignment.  Hope you like it.

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