My First Week of Sketchbook Skool


Scan0108Hi everyone!  I got through my first week of Sketchbook Skool!  My assignment was to document my week in the sketchbook.  I was suppose to have my homework done by Thursday, but because of my job, I extended my homework assignment to Friday because I knew I would have more by the end of the day on Friday.

So this is the first two pages of my week.  I went to the park near my home and went for a walk on Monday.  Just as I was starting out, I looked down on the sidewalk and saw this bright pinkish red Burr Oak Acorn on the sidewalk.  Those huge acorns are all over the place at the park, but I have never seen one with red or pink on the inside and outside of the nut.  Actually, I have never seen one of these with any kind of pink or red on it.  I wonder what causes that?  It was different, so I decided to put into my sketchbook.

Scan0110I went back to the park to walk, and this time I saw these cute Canadian Geese out on the pond.  I use to go out and there and sketch these and the Mallard ducks years ago.  I use to keep a nature sketchbook back in the nineties when I had more time to spend out there.  My time is very different now.  Since I haven’t sketched any birds sine the nature sketchbook, I was out of practice to draw them, and it looks like it in the geese drawing.  I also found a really pretty  leaf the next time I went out, so I sketched it too.  That’s the really great thing about autumn; there is so much color that just about everything is great subject matter for the sketchbook.  Changing leaves makes me think of the changes we go through in life.  Our life leaves are always changing.

Scan0111This was my favorite of everything I did this week.  I bought a new watercolor box this  week, and I wanted to draw it.  I drew it and used the drawing as my sample page so I could see what the colors look like on paper.  I got this box from Hobby Lobby from their Master’s Touch line of products.  I like it because it has eighteen colors in it, a water brush, a small water container, and a little sponge in it.  And the best part is that I was on sale for fifty percent off the original price.  Can’t go wrong with that.  They had a smaller one for field sketching, but I wanted more colors, and I  liked the water brush being included with the paints, and the sponge is always good for dabbing up too much water on the page, or to paint with.  The small field sketch box didn’t have all of that, so that was the deal breaker for me.  I hope you like what I did this week.  See you next week!


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